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Use our conference center facilities for your seminars & meetings
We can offer you, always according to your needs, a dedicated environment for servicing group and company meetings and seminars. Advanced technology, modern and elegant facilities of excellent standards (including audiovisual systems, projectors, computers and catering as well as specially designed rooms with all necessary material) coupled with great city views and excellent city central locations are at your disposal.

The rooms are suitable for up to 45 delegates and our basic hire charges includes the following:
  • Fully functional air-conditioning systems
  • Computers
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Whiteboard, pens and support material
  • Internet connection
  • Projector &screen
  • Printer/Copier
  • Tea, coffee during breaks
  • Lunch


Please find below further details in regard to accommodation:
  • Seats up to 30 in seminar style – chairs with attached table
  • Seats up to 20 in classroom style – chairs plus classroom tables
  • Seats up to 18 in round table discussion style – chairs plus classroom tables
  • Meeting Room - Conference Table: Seats up to 14 persons – luxury chairs
  • Computer Room: 10 fully licensed computers

Coffee and Lunch Brake

Catering Services available to complement your meeting needs:

Coffee Catering Service:
Tea or coffee with biscuits and other savouries
Price: €5 per person - per break

Lunch Buffet Catering Service:
Lunch Buffet (minimum of 2 salads, 2 meats, 2 pasta/rice/potato, sweets, side dishes & unlimited refreshments (no alcohol)
Price: €22 per person

Finger Food Catering Service:
Finger Food / Canapés (For Lunch or Cocktail reception) & unlimited refreshments
Price: €17 per person


Further Pricing

Please find below a detailed Price List for further requisites available:
  • Overhead Projector - €20
  • Screen - Complimentary
  • Laptop - Complimentary
  • White Board - Complimentary
  • Writing Pads & Pens - Complimentary
  • Internet Connection (Wired & Wireless) - Complimentary
  • Telephone & Fax - Charged According to Destination
  • Printing Services - Copies @ 0.02 charged per side
  • Courier Services - Charged According to Destination

Main Facilities & Services

The following are available for your meeting needs:
  • Each seminar room is equipped with overhead projector, screen, laptop, white board, writing pads, pens
  • Internet connection – wired and wireless
  • Air-conditioning
  • The center offers disabled toilet and parking spaces and good access to the buildings

Secretary & Interpreter:

Further services available to complement your meeting needs:
  • A secretary can be arranged to keep minutes and provide other assistance as per client’s request
  • An interpreter or translator can be arranged according to the language requirements as per client’s request

Seminar & Meeting Rooms Hire

Find below a list of different rates available:

For Corporate Meetings - Seminar Room Rates:
1/2 Day (5 Hours or Evening): €200
Full Day (8am-6pm): €300
Per Hour: €70

For Educational Meetings - Seminar Room Rates:
Full Day (8am-6pm): €120
Per Hour: €17

For Educational Meetings - Computer Room (10 computers) Rates:
Full Day (8am-6pm): €150
Per Hour: €20

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Email: [email protected]

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