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LEXACT can arrange for the preparation or re-designing of a company’s  internal policy, evaluation of personnel, identification of possibilities for reducing costs and maximizing results and much more.

Company Policies are designed to ensure that the company operates in a way that meets or exceeds the requirements of  customers, meets all legal requirements, and has an overall beneficial impact on the environment.

Employment Policies
An Employee Policy is a very important tool for the smoothfunctioning of human resource management in the Company.   It is intended to educate, inform, andanswer questions for the Managers and employees of the Company on all aspectsof their employment, and the Policies and Procedures related to the humanresource management. It also ensures the consistent and fairtreatment of all employees and all cases handled by the Company.

The Policies we prepare cover the followings fields:

Company Philosophy and Organizational Structure
  • CompanyPhilosophy
  • CompanyOrganizational Structure
  • InternalCommunication
General Employee Responsibilities
  • Personal Conduct
  • Sexual Harassment
  • DressCode-Appearance
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict ofInterest
  • Computer Use Policy
  • Office Telephone Use
  • Employee Health& Safety
  • Employee Access to the Company Premises
  • Company Visitors
  • Smoking and Eating

Work Schedules
  • Work Schedule, Attendance, Punctuality
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Overtime Availability

Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Manpower Planning
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Employee Selection
  • Standard Terms of Employment
  • Probationary Period
  • Conversion to Regular Employment
  • Part–time / Seasonal / Temporary Employees
  • Newcomer Orientation Program
  • Hiring of Family Members
  • Second or Part–time job
  • Compromised Ability to Perform
  • Employee Record Keeping

Employee Performance Appraisal &Motivation
  • Performance Evaluation-Procedures
  • Performance Evaluation Standards
  • Definition
  • Unacceptableperformance
  • Employee Recognition / Award Programs
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Key-Man Insurance Plan

Administration of Employee Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Official Public Holidays
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Compensatory Leave
  • Military Service
  • Education / Training Leave

Business Travel, Travel Insurance and Meal Allowance
  • Transit and Car Expenses
  • Travel Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Meal Allowance / Entertainment
  • Business Travel Abroad
  • Use of Company Credit Cards When on Business Travel

Other Employee Benefits
  • Group Credit Policy
  • Employee Restaurant /Cafeteria

Purchase and Disposal of Company Property
  • Purchase of Company Official Cars
  • Guidelines for theUse of Company Official Cars
  • Insurance ofCompany Official Cars
  • Disposal of CompanyOfficial Cars
  • Purchase of Mobile Phones
  • Purchase of General Items on Behalf of theCompany
  • Purchase of Services Under Contract
  • Departmental Budgets

Employee Training and Development and Internal Training Center
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Internal Training Center
  • Professional Memberships
  • MembershipReimbursement
  • Budgeting and Reimbursement Procedure
  • Department Reporting Procedures

Employee Discipline
  • Manager’s Responsibilities
  • Implementation
  • Subsequent Actions
  • Examples of Offenses
  • Theft

Termination of Employment
  • Retirement
  • Exit Interviews prior to Employee Resignation
  • Non-Supervisory Employees
  • Supervisory Employees
  • ExitInterviews
  • Policy for Exit Interviews
  • Procedurefor Exit Interviews
  • Removal of ex employees from Exchange Database
Grievances & Appeals

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