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View below the list of our featured seminars on all aspects of business training:
  • The full program of every seminar is available on request
  • Ask us for an offer if you would like us to prepare a custom made seminar specifically designed for your company.
Why Training?
  • Train your staff to improve productivity and equip them with the skills to handle changes in your business     
  • Training can improve the performance and productivity of your staff and ensure they have the skills that your business needs.
  • Effective training may be crucial when you hire new recruits or when you change business practices or add new products. As your business grows, the skills needed for it to remain successful may change.
Seminar Funding Opportunities
There is the ability to receive a significant subsidy towards the seminar fees by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA). LEXACT can prepare and manage the submission of relevant applications before the HRDA prior to the commencement of the programs in order for your company to receive subsidies.

Let us plan your own event
Our team of professionals can assist you in organising an educational event for your clients or associates and ensure that your event is a success. By using Lexact you will benefit from our professionalorganisational skills and network of high level speakers. We can additionally take care of all the necessary administrative logistics of the event.

Use our conference center facilities for your seminars & meetings
We can offer well organised facilities for the carrying out of group meetings and seminars. Our premises are located in the heart of Nicosia, are equipped with high technology audiovisual equipment and are available at competitive rates.

Funding Opportunities
We can prepare and manage the submission of relevant applications before the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) 21 days prior to the seminar date in order for your company to receive subsidies. All subjects can be amended according to the client’s requirements.Many subjects can also be combined in order to cover any particular need.

Hours attended count as Continuous Practicing Development (CPD)Units.


  • Accounting made easy: A practical Approach for the Tax and Accounting of Cyprus companies
Assuming a basic knowledge of accounting from the audience, the course highlights the tax and accounting responsibilities of Cyprus companies. Very useful for non-accountants working in fiduciary and corporate services.

  • Accounting for Non-Accountants who work in corporate & Fiduciary Services
A beginner’s guide to accounting.The course explains what are the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and notes to the financial statements) and relates this knowledge to everyday cases faced in corporate and fiduciary services.

Administrative Law

  • Tender Review Board: Procedure and Review Applications
  • Taxation and Administrative Law

Procedures and Objections before the Tax Council, the Income Tax, the VAT Commissioner and the Supreme Court

  • Public Officers and the Law


  • Cyprus Banking Law (8 hrs)
  • Specialized Corporate Seminar forInternational Banking Units (IBUs) (8 – 12 hrs) 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (6 hrs)


  • Feasibility Studies for Corporate & Professional Services (6 hrs)
  • Commercial Agreements: How to achieve a Successful outcome (6 hrs)

Companies & Trust

Administrations of Companies: Theory and Practice
  • Cyprus Companies Law - Trusts Law  - Legalisation of Documents - Escrow Agreements - Banking Documents (8 – 16 hrs)
  • Cyprus Holding Companies & Nominee Shareholders &  Directors (7 hrs)
  • Practical Application of Company and Tax Law in the Organization and Administration of Companies (8 - 12 hrs)
  • Cyprus Company Law - Administration of CyprusCompanies, Procedures and Documents before the Registrar of Companies (7 hrs)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (NotificationRequirements & Employee Impact) (4 hrs)
  • Company secretary: Activities and Responsibilities(6 hrs)
  • Legal secretary – Cyprus Law, Court and LegalDocuments, Applications and Procedures (6 hrs)
  • Corporate Restructuring: Introducing the Rescue Culture (6 hrs)
  • Trusts in Cyprus and Internationally (4 hrs)
  • Liability of Company Director,  Secretary, Lawyers, Auditors & Other Officers (4 hrs)
  • Cyprus as an International Corporate Service Centre… and comparison with International Financial Centres (6 hrs)

Due Diligence & KYC
  • Due Diligence & Know Your Client (KYC) (6 hrs)

AML Compliance 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (6 hrs)

Computer Law

Computer & Internet La‚Äčw
  • Computer Contracts & Internet Law in Cyprus (7 hrs)

eCommerce: Business Models, Tax, Legal & Marketing
  • Taxation issues of e-commerce business
  • Legal issues of e-commerce business
  • Choosing the right jurisdiction
  • How and where to set up an ecommerce website

Employment & Human Resource Management

Employment Law
  • Termination of Employment & Unfair Dismissal (4 hrs)
  • Employment Legislation and Data Protection for Companies (7 hrs)

Company Policies & Internal Procedures

  • Company Employment, Security Policies & Procedures (6 hrs)

HR & Business Development
  • Interviewing Skills (6 hrs)
  • Business and Legal English for Doing Business (15 – 30 hrs)
  • Time Sense (Effective Utilization of time in the workplace) (6 hrs)
  • Employee Relations (6 hrs)


  • Collective Investment Schemes in Cyprus &Internationally: ICIS & UCITS, Fund Creation (7 hrs)
  • Capital Markets – A Comprehensive Guide to International Financial Markets (6 hrs)
  • Shares Made Simple – A Comprehensive Guide to the Stock Market (6 hrs)

Land & Property

Legal Issues
  • Property Law: Developing and Selling Land in Cyprus - Legal Aspects (6 hrs)

Funds & Planning
  • Estate & Property Funds (6 hrs)
  • Estate & Property Planning (6 hrs)


Basic Issues
  • Basic Principles of Cyprus Taxation Law &  VATLaw (6 hrs)
Cyprus & International Tax
  1. Cyprus as an International Corporate  Service Centre… and comparison with International Financial Centres (6 hrs)
  2. Tax Planning - Cyprus and International Tax Planning  Program (8 hrs)
  • Concept of International Tax Planning
  • Tax Planning & Asset Protection Examples
  • How and when International Business Companies and/or Offshore Companies can be used legally for Tax Planning and Asset Protection
  • Double Tax Treaties: Provisions & Benefits
  • Confidentiality, Anonymity and Legality

Winding Up & Liguidations

Termination of a Company & Dept Recovery Methods
  • Termination of a Company & Effects
  • Winding-Up - Dissolution of Companies - Bankruptcies
  • Company Strike-Offs – Methods & Effects
  • Debt Recovery Methods
Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Restructuring: Introducing the Rescue Culture (6 hrs)

Public Seminars
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In-House Seminars
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