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Lexact can help you in the following fields:
  • Gaming and Sports Betting Contracts
  • White Label Licensing
  • Advice on Applicable Law in Cyprus
  • Obtaining a License in Malta
  • Tax Advice & Planning for your License
  • Sports Betting Contracts
  • Opening a Betting Shop

Online Gaming and Licensing in Cyprus
You can download a comprehensive presentation with more information on the legal situation of gaming in Cyprus below:

Online Gaming and Licensing in Malta
Together with our associates, Fenlex Corporate Services we assist and lead you throughout the whole process of obtaining a gaming licence and setting up a  business in Malta.

The following services are on offer:
  • Full licensing and regulatory advice
  • Gaming Law advice
  • Company Formation, accounting and back-office support
  • Technical advice and assistance (hosting services, maintenance services etc.)

The Licenses that we can assist you to obtain are the following:
Class 1: Casino Style Games, Lotteries and Slots.
This licence applies for operators who offer games which are based on repetitive events and the gaming risk is managed by the operator. This type of licence covers casino table style games, lotteries and slots.

Class 2: Sports Betting
This licence covers operators who manage risk based on a singular event using markets. This licence covers the traditional fixed odds betting and some forms of pool betting.

Class 3: P2P, Betting Exchanges, Skins, Tournaments, Bingo
This licence applies to operators who organise player to player games but do not partake in the risk and receive only a commission. A class-3-licence is suitable for betting exchange providers, pools and poker rooms.

Class 4: Software vendors who take commission on wagers
This licence covers software vendors and platform operators who intend to host and manage remote gaming operators having any class of the above. They cannot partake in the gaming risk and can only receive a commission.

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