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Marios Demetriades

04/08/2014 20:24:00
Marios is currently the Head of Fund Management at Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) responsible for setting up and developing a department. Additionally, he manages an equity fund that focuses on the Eastern Med area. Prior to Joining Piraeus Bank Cyprus Marios was with Marfin Laiki Bank from 2000 to end of 2007 as the Manager of the Asset Management Department. There he managed a number of pension funds, insurance companies and the first ever Luxembourg based fund to invest in Greek and Cyprus equity markets. He was also the project manager for the introduction of local mutual funds at the Bank. Marios has a total of 16 years of experience and has held a variety of roles at asset management and audit firms. Prior to joining Marfin Laiki he was with Ernst & Young in Cyprus and BDO Stoy Hayward in London.

His specialization is in equities with emphasis on regional markets (especially Greece and Cyprus). He is also experienced in the use of derivatives for the purpose of hedging. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of East Anglia in Business, Finance and Economics and received the Association of Chartered Accountants designation in 1996. Additionally he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from 2000. He is a founding member and first President of the CFA Society of Cyprus. Finally, he is a member of the government of Cyprus advisory committee for the setting up of collective investment schemes in Cyprus.

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