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Costas Stamatiou

04/08/2014 20:26:00
Costas Stamatiou is a senior associate in the international law firm of ANDREAS NEOCLEOUS & CO LLC. He graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff in 2001 and obtained an LL.M in Legal Aspects of Marine Affairs from there in 2002 and an LL.M in European Legal Studies from Bristol University in 2003. He was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 2004. As at 2009, he is a member of the shipping committee of the Cyprus Bar Association. His main areas of practice are admiralty and shipping, corporate and commercial law and associated litigation. He is the author of “Establishing the Boundaries: Cyprus offshore oil, gas and shipping industries”, published in Lloyd’s List Cyprus, September 2005; “The Shortsea Shipping Market of the Future”, Lloyd’s List Cyprus, September 2006; “The Marco Polo Programme & Cyprus: Financing the Motorways of the Seas”, ICCLR 2006, 17(8), N68. His university theses were on the subjects of “Carrier’s Liability: A comparative study of the CMI/UNCITRAL Draft Instrument on Transport law, the Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules”, Cardiff, 2002 and “Aspects of EC Competition Law in Maritime Transport”, Bristol, 2003. Costas Stamatiou is co-author of “The New Era of EC Competition Law in the Shipping Industry”, ICCLR, 2009, 20(1); “Ready, Steady, Drill: the legislation governing the race for Cyprus’s offshore hydrocarbons reserves”, ICCLR. 2007, 18(12);”Shipping – The Cyprus Way”, Offshore Investment – September 2007; "Black Boxes and the Proposed EU Fundamental Principles on the Investigation of Accidents in the Maritime Industry”, ICCLR. 2007, 18(5); ’Dispute Resolution Handbook 2007/08’ by Practical Law Co; “Legal Aspects of the ISM Code”, ICCLR 2006 17(7); “Cyprus: Commercial Shipping”, ICCLR 2005 16(11); “Cyprus: Forum Non Conveniens in the European Era”, ICCLR 2005 16 (8); “Cyprus Company law - Corporate Governance”, ICCLR 2005 16(6). He is also a co-author of the Cyprus chapter of the “Encyclopaedia of International Commercial Litigation” published by Kluwer Law International and a co-author of the forthcoming second edition of INTRODUCTION TO CYPRUS LAW.

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