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Christiana N. Markou

04/08/2014 20:27:00
Christiana N. Markou was born in 1977 in Nicosia, Cyprus. She holds an LL.B (Hons.) from the University of Sheffield (UK) and an LL.M in International, Commercial and European Law from the same university. She was called to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2001 after passing the relevant examination with honours in 2000. She is now close to obtaining a PhD degree in Computer/E-Commerce Law from the University of Lancaster. She has been practising law since 2001 as an associate in a major Cypriot law firm until the end 2005 when she decided to establish C.M.C. Jurisprudentes. She mainly deals with Civil & Commercial Litigation, Corporate business law, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Employment law, European law, Consumer Protection and IT/E-Commerce law, though she has experience in other areas of law. She is the Cypriot Correspondent of the EU Consumer Law Compendium. She took the initiative for and co-managed the establishment of the Computer Law Special Interest Group of the Cyprus Computer Society, which aims at educating lawyers, judges and other interested parties on the newly-emerged area of IT/computer law in which she is one of the first Cypriot experts. She is the founder and administrator of the non-profit legal websites and online legal projects, BotLaw.com and LawInCyprus.com, the latter currently being under construction. She is also the founder of the ECLR Centre of Legal Research, a research department of the office which offers legal research services to lawyers, accountants and other interested parties. She has also speaken at various legal-oriented conferences.

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