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Achilleas Demetriades

04/08/2014 20:29:00
Achilleas is a partner at Lellos P Demetriades Law Office. He specialises, among other sectors, in Human Rights Law as well as in Intellectual Property Rights matters and his anti-piracy approach is not usually confined to a particular cause of action, but combines creatively available laws so as to achieve speedy and effective results. He was called to the English Bar and holds a Master’s in International Trade from Georgetown Law Centre in Washington, DC. He is a member of the E.U. Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights set up by the European Commission, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association, the Chairman of the Press Ethics Committee of the Association of Newspapers and Periodicals Publishers, a member of the FIPRA Group (Finsbury International Policy & Regulatory Advisers), a member of the Cyprus American Business Association and represents the Business Software Alliance in Cyprus.

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